DooBis Coffee

محصولات غذایی دوبیس

Iliya Pars Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Company was established in order to create a modern system for the production, packaging and distribution of various types of instant coffee and sports and pharmaceutical supplements in three different production lines, and in line with the realization of this goal, the company started to build an industrial site. In order to produce in Kowsar industrial town, it has taken advantage of the capabilities and expertise of experts in its production areas, and after obtaining the various standards of the country and complying with the special standards of food production, this company succeeded in obtaining an operating license from the Ministry of Health, Medicine and Education. became a country
Iliya Pars succeeded in obtaining all international ISOs and standards to carry out management and production matters worldwide and by providing quality products and using specialists and training domestic experts and using modern machines, the production capacity of a complete basket of coffee industry products. Urgent – food and sports supplements and import of raw materials produced from sources that supply high-quality raw materials in the world and the competitive price and quality meet the trust of its customers and have all the necessary certificates and international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP). And there are more than 4000 sales networks across the country.

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DooBis hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the warm and delicious drinks that can be easily prepared at home. This dessert has a strong taste of chocolate with a creamy texture, which is very pleasant to eat in the cold seasons of the year. You can have a new experience of the taste of chocolate in the cold of winter by ordering Dubis hot chocolate.

هات چاکلت دوبیس

هات چاکلت یکی از نوشیدنی‌های گرم و خوشمزه است که به‌راحتی می‌توان آن را در خانه تهیه کرد. این دسر دارای طعم قوی شکلات با حالتی خامه‌ای است که خوردن آن در فصول سرد سال بسیار لذت بخش است.شما میتوانید با سفارش هات چاکلت دوبیس تجربه تازه ای از طعم شکلات را در سرمای زمستان داشته باشید…

قهوه اسپرسو گلد دوبیس

نوشیدن اسپرسو به شما انرژی زیادی می دهد. این انرژی می تواند عملکرد تمرکز بر روی اعمال روزانه را برای مغز شما تسهیل کنید. اسپرسو باعث آغاز ترشح دوپامین دز مغز شما شده و به تمرکز کمک می کند.

یک فنجان اسپرسو می تواند تغییر زیادی در بازده شما ایجاد کند. به یاد داشته باشید که مصرف اسپرسو را به یاد داشته باشید! یک استراحت شبانه نیز گامی مهم برای قوی نگه داشتن تمرکز است.

Espresso Gold DooBois coffee

Drinking espresso gives you a lot of energy. This energy can facilitate the function of focusing on daily activities for your brain. Espresso triggers the release of dopamine in your brain and helps you focus.

A cup of espresso can make a huge difference in your productivity. Remember to drink espresso! A good night’s rest is also an important step to keep your concentration strong.

کافی میکس دوبیس

مهمترین مزیت های کافی میکس عبارتند از:

خستگی و خواب آلودگی را رفع می کند. 

این نوع نوشیدنی انرژی زا است و در نتیجه بی حوصلگی و کسالت را رفع می کند.

افزایش سطح انرژی بدن به خصوص برای افرادی که فعالیت های ورزشی انجام می دهند.

DooBis coffee mix

The most important advantages of mix coffee are:

Relieves fatigue and sleepiness.
This type of drink is energizing and thus relieves boredom.
Increasing the body’s energy level, especially for people who do sports activities.

بلک کافی دوبیس

تهیه شده از قهوه عربیکا خالص ( 40 ساشه در هر بسته )

DooBis Black Coffee

Made from pure Arabica coffee (40 sachets in each package)